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sorry i haven’t been so active lately, school & work has been taking up all my time and whenever i do have free time i spend it rotting :3c

hopefully i’ll adjust/things get better soon so i can start drawing for myself more…;;

johnnys and vento aureo high school au.. (i really liked bw’s mista beanie!!/interpretation of uniform) i have.. other sketches but nothing.. worth posting laughs;;

sorry i really haven’t been drawing much lately i’ve been really tired from work and school’s starting up again soon o)-< but i wanna welcome any new followers who have followed me recently and i hope you enjoy your stay! i hope to start actively drawing again!!

i was having a lot of sailor moon feelings so i drew a quick sailor pluto last night

i’ve been wanting to do a screencap redraw for forever and finally.. did it!

Zoisite was my favorite and the new sailor moon really reminded me of being a kid